Assistant Coach Connor Sturgill 

Connor Sturgill began swimming in the Man O’ War swim conference for his neighborhood swim team at the age of seven.  He enjoyed it so much that he joined a year round club team at the age of ten and his high school team at age fourteen.  He continued to swim for all three teams until he graduated from Dunbar High School in 2016.   He currently attends WKU majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in athletic coaching.  He is very excited about meeting new families and swimmers this season.

Assistant Coach Payton Fisher 

“Payton Fisher began swimming for the Manta Rays at age 11 and continued every summer until she graduated. She also swam for the YMCA and Lafayette High School during the fall/winter seasons. During her last 2 seasons as a swimmer on the Manta Rays, she was a swimmer-coach.” 

Coach Ben VanderHorst

Head Coach

Coach Ben was the inaugural Head Coach and is currently in his 10th year as Head Coach of the Manta Rays.  Prior to that, he coached the Manta Ray club team.